Clock Repair in Salem, OR

Clock RepairHas your grandfather clock stopped chiming on the hour? Does the birdy in your cuckoo clock stay hidden these days? Have the hands on your old mantle simply stopped moving?

Whatever’s wrong with your clock, trust Salem Clock Shop to set it right. From simple maintenance to complete grandfather clock repair in Salem, OR, we’re the authority on clock repair in any capacity you need it.

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Repairing All Types of Clocks

Clocks come in all shapes and sizes and every unique clock demands its own unique repairs. Whether it’s repairing the circuit of a battery-powered clock or checking the chiming mechanism as part of cuckoo clock repair in Salem, OR, we’ve got the experience necessary to deliver restorative service. Our extensive range of abilities reaches just about any type of clock you might own, including:

The secret to our success—alongside our many years of fixing clocks—is the care and personalized attention we give every timepiece we work on. Count on us to give yours the utmost care and exactly what it needs to function again.

Restoration Services

Many antique timepieces are as much a work of art as they are mechanical devices. To restore these clocks and their function, it takes expert hands and a love of timepieces, along with the patience and care to breathe new life into an old mechanism. Not only do we love restoring old clocks to their former glory, we take the time to make sure this delicate process is done right. We’ll return your clock to you in full working order with a new lease on life.

Whether you need antique clock repair in Salem, Marion County, Four Corners, or Fruitland, OR or just a quick repair for a favorite key-wind clock, count on Salem Clock Shop. Visit us today or call 503-581-3803 to schedule a consultation.

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